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Motorcycle Drawn Carriages For Hire

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That is perhaps the best and only way to describe the first time you lay eyes on any 7 Wheel Wonder. Guaranteed to leave spectators in amazement, each coach in our expanding fleet is created by premier artists, using nothing but the finest materials, cutting-edge fabrication and innovative design. With a pain-staking attention to detail and a spare-no-expense directive, each carriage costs $65,000 to a quarter-million dollars and upwards of 5,000 man-hours to create. From custom wheels and upholstery, to stunning, state-of-the-art paint jobs, they are all singular works of art and engineering. Utilizing our proprietary no-fume/noise reduction exhaust system, and special touches such as heated seats, sound systems, and removable tops; you are insured a safe and comfortable ride that epitomizes luxury with an edge. Every coach comes with a strategically trained, licensed and certified driver and on-call or on-board concierges who can accommodate your every need from a coachman seat or follow car.