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Motorcycle Drawn Carriages For Hire

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From Weddings and Anniversaries to Birthdays and Funerals, a personal milestone requires a personal touch. We use our extensive knowledge and VIP access to ensure that you have the best table in the finest restaurants and front-of-the-line entry into the hottest nightlife venues. For any occasion we will meet all of your entertainment needs and exceed your expectations by providing imaginative moments. Magicians, musicians, dancers and acrobats are just a few of the participants in the unforgettable journeys we've already dreamed up. You will feel like royalty as the red carpet is rolled out at your feet and our concierge drapes you in a velvet cape while escorting you to the door. Between stops we continue to provide incomparable services such as on-board hors d’oeuvres and beverages, champagne toasts and personalized gifts. And to ensure the prosperity of your special occasion we can arrange photographers and videographers to capture it for a lifetime.